When you're looking for a comprehensive online marketing agency dedicated to the needs of Window, Door, Siding, and Exterior companies, you've come to the right place. Our proven system will help your business grow faster and more consistently.

Our Story...

Who We Are

Over 15 years ago, Julie Mirr and Tim Berry founded their first digital marketing agency. Each had already been marketing online for many years, so combining their areas of expertise was a home run for their clients.

Once Google and Bing committed to localized search results, it became clear that there was a huge opportunity for small businesses to dominate in their local markets, outperforming their competitors.

As mobile device use increased and the power of online reviews became more important, online marketing was no longer an option for businesses - it was critical.

After serving all home service contracting businesses for many years, it became clear that exterior contractors, specifically windows, doors, and siding, were lacking a dedicated agency to help them navigate the complex world of online marketing.

Window Marketers was established to be the go-to, expert company for companies who wanted to dominate their local markets and grow their businesses predictably and consistently.


Our Difference...

Why Choose Us

We are dedicated specifically to the window, door, siding, and exteriors industry. This means we do not offer services to any other types of businesses.

You get to work with a team that understands your specific marketing challenges and knows exactly how to solve them. We also have more experience than any of our competitors, so you're in good hands.

Our Advantage...

A Proprietary System

We have developed a proprietary system for window and door companies that guarantees results.

Every day people are searching for businesses just like yours. They are either finding you or one of your competitors. Your goal is to attract a steady stream of highly qualified, higher-value customers, rather than lose them to your local competition. We help you win!

Our system is based on our proven Window & Door Marketing Roadmap™. Over twenty years of expertise and online marketing know-how have gone into creating this industry-leading marketing strategy, giving you peace of mind. Focus on running your business, while we focus on growing it.

Window and Door Marketing Roadmap